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I had the opportunity to contribute to South Carolina Voyager Magazine, featuring in their Inspiring Person series through both an article and an interview.

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Partnership Without Limits Article
Faith Driven Entrepreneur

In my article for Faith Driven Entrepreneur, "Partnership Without Limits: 5 Important Lessons I've Learned," I explore the concept that following where God leads is more pivotal than simply making correct decisions. This piece shares insights from my experiences, highlighting the significant role of spiritual guidance in shaping decisions and actions in both personal and professional spheres.

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Collegians for Christ Testimonial

"We had the opportunity to have Danielle Jones speak at our retreat to a group of ladies. Danielle came through in a big way! She engaged them and encouraged them to dive deeper in their Bible reading. Many said it was something they would take with them. Danielle was not only prepared, but was also approachable which was a great help to the retreat as a whole."


Keynote Speaker
Church Women United Testimonial

"Danielle Jones spoke on Becoming a Christ Entrepreneur at Church Women United’s 1st Virtual Quadrennial Assembly. Danielle’s presentation encompassed all of the session objectives. She shared her personal story, provided the attendees with spiritual tips and professional resources that may be helpful with their journey. Danielle was responsive, patient, flexible, and very professional throughout the entire process. It was a great pleasure to work and learn from Danielle."

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Life as a Parentpreneur Article
Faith Driven Entrepreneur

In my recent contribution to Faith Driven Entrepreneur, I explored the intricate balance of being a 'Parentpreneur.' The article talks about the parallels between parenting and founding a business, highlighting how both roles involve stepping into the unknown, despite overwhelming and scary moments. It underscores the rewarding journey of managing these dual responsibilities, illustrating the unique challenges and joys of juggling life as a parent and an entrepreneur.

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Church Women United

I participated as a virtual speaker at Win Wednesday, where I shared insights on engaging young adults in church and community activities.

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AFP Detroit

I served as a speaker at a Detroit-based Association of Fundraising Professionals workshop, focusing on Key Indicators for Success in Fundraising, aimed at equipping fundraising professionals with essential skills and strategies.

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