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Colors of Charleston: Celebrating Painters at Island Provisions

Updated: Jun 13

Last night, Island Provisions on Johns Island hosted a fantastic art event featuring the work of local painters. With two locations in the Charleston area, Island Provisions provided the perfect setting for a night of creativity and community. I'm excited to share the highlights and some beautiful photos from the evening!

The Venue

Island Provisions, known for its great food and welcoming vibe, turned its Johns Island location into a vibrant gallery for the evening. The unique charm of this spot made it the perfect backdrop for our art installation. Their commitment to supporting local artisans shone through as they opened their doors to celebrate the talents of South Carolina Artists.

The Artwork

The installation featured a stunning collection of paintings, each one telling its own unique story. The variety of styles and techniques on display was truly inspiring, from bold abstracts that caught the eye with their vivid colors to serene landscapes that transported viewers to tranquil settings. Each painting showcased the unique perspective and creativity of its artist, creating a diverse and engaging experience for everyone who attended.

The Artists

It was wonderful to see so many talented painters come together for this event. Their dedication and passion for their craft were evident in every piece displayed. Throughout the evening, the room buzzed with lively conversations as artists shared the inspiration behind their work and we arranged the work for display. The sense of community and mutual support among the artists was truly heartwarming!

Featured here are (left to right): Rebecca Blake, Annette Rivers, Pascale Sexton and Danielle Jones.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the success of last night’s second installation at this location, we are already looking forward to future events in the Charleston area that will continue to highlight the incredible talent within our community. The support and enthusiasm shown by everyone who attended were truly inspiring, and we are excited to keep this momentum going!

Thank you to everyone who supports local art. Your enthusiasm and encouragement mean the world to us. Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming events.

Keep creating!

Danielle Jones

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