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Hey ya'll!

My name is Danielle Jones.

This summer marked a significant transition for our family as we moved from the Midwest to the enchanting Lowcountry. Along with this change in scenery, I also shifted my career path from being a nonprofit executive to embracing the role of a creative entrepreneur. Discover more about this exciting journey below!

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My Story

Welcome! I'm Danielle Jones, delighted you've ventured here to join me. This summer marked a pivotal transition and leap of faith for our family as we moved from the Midwest to the enchanting embrace of the Lowcountry. This wasn't just a change of address; it signified my personal shift from a seasoned nonprofit executive to a passionate creative entrepreneur, embarking on a new chapter filled with both excitement and uncertainty.

As the Executive Director of a nonprofit, I was devoted to empowering storytellers in the media, driven by the conviction that film has the power to inspire and enact positive change. Now, within the Lowcountry's inspiring backdrop, I've plunged into the arts, leveraging my experiences to tell stories, whether through painting or writing. This journey is about merging strategic insights with a newfound artistic fervor.

Homeschooling my children has become an adventure in its own right, brimming with laughter and learning that goes beyond the traditional curriculum. Our home has transformed into a vibrant classroom, where life's lessons are interwoven with our daily experiences, all under the Lowcountry's majestic oaks and expansive skies. This experience is a cherished exploration, one of my greatest joys!

Leading a women's ministry since 2019 has also been a profound part of my life, fostering a space for prayer, encouragement, and Bible study. It's a role that has provided a deep sense of grace and community, enriching every aspect of my life. I am grateful for the women in our group and for what God is doing in our lives.

In recent times, I've felt a deeper call to share my journey more openly, stepping into writing and public speaking with the hope of offering encouragement. By sharing tales of faith, resilience, and purpose, I aim to inspire others to discover their unique paths and pursue lives of meaningful impact.

When not immersed in work or ministry, my family is on a mission to explore the breathtaking beauty of America. We dream of visiting all 50 states in the next decade, embracing the diversity and wonder of this great nation.

Through all aspects of my life, from leadership to creative exploration, I strive to live with purpose and significance. I invite you to join me as we navigate our unique journeys, creating lives enriched with faith, purpose, and service. I'm excited to connect, share, and inspire one another on this path!

Remember every day is an adventure. Let's make it a story worth telling!


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